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Web Site Design

Embarrassed by the dated look of your web site?

Web site design is more than just fancy graphics and visuals, it's about organizing your content in a way that clearly communicates your message to your visitors. Once we have defined your web site's goals and objectives, we can start creating the visual interface of your site. Each design we create is totally custom, and built around your unique business needs.

After getting to know your business and industry, we create a unique look that complements your existing marketing material and provides a professional image of your business on the web. We consider everything from layout style, logo placement, font types and sizes, as well as colour when creating your custom web site design.

Web Site Redesign

During a web site redesign, you must take extra care to improve your web site, rather than taking steps backwards. Working with your existing customers, previous feedback, and our own web site usability analysis, we can help you find the areas that need the most improvement, so your new web site exceeds expectations, and is a complete success.

Before beginning the process of redesigning your web site, it is important to do an analysis of your previous site to discover what worked well with it, and what needs improvement. In some cases, your best feedback will be from your existing visitors. Posting a survey on your site is a great way to gather research on what needs improvement, or directly speaking to customers yourself. This information will be a huge asset when determining the strategy of your new web site. Maybe you you just want to give your web site a modern design or fresh new look, or maybe you just want to improve usability, or your business is moving in a new direction; whatever the task, looking at your past successes will help sculpt our strategy moving forward.

Redesigning your web site affect your search engines rankings adversely, if it is not done properly. From a search engine point-of-view a newly designed web site doesn't just mean the site has a new look, it could also mean that the site has changed focus or no longer contains the same subject matter, and thus may not be as relevant for certain keyword searches. If a redesign is not implemented properly, you may find that your traffic from search engines is cut in half, or eliminated altogether. Typically your search engine rankings will return, but in some cases, this can take weeks or months. Make sure you ask your web developer about the search engine side-effects of redesigning your web site, and ensure that you have a proper plan in place to handle the transition from your old site to your new one; this is even more significant if you are moving your site to a new domain.

Web Site Template Design

Your home page is the main portal or hub to the rest of your web site. It needs to connect your visitors to the key areas of your web site, and help you achieve your goals which may include among other things lead generation, product sales, newsletter subscriptions, or simply company branding and promotion. No matter what your goals are, your home page is where most of your visitors start their visit to your web site and it must be designed appropriately with your objectives in mind.

The inner content pages of your web site serve a different purpose than your home page, by delivering information in a straight-forward, clean, and professional format is their task. The design of these pages is not required to direct visitors to other areas of your site, but to enable your visitors to receive the information you're providing. We carefully craft styles for headings, subheadings, links, and images in a consistent manner to be used across your web site content pages in order to maintain a consistent user experience throughout your web site.

Printer-Friendly Web Site Design

Will your visitors want to print of certain pages of your web site? Perhaps they will want to print your services, product information, or articles and other resources you have included on your site. It can be frustrating when printing a web page that should fit on one 8.5" by 11" sheet actually prints on 5 because of poor formatting, or when the contrast between your text and background is too low that you can't read it once it's been printed.

The next step after we created your visual design is to implement that design in HTML. This is the actual construction of your web site, and includes a number of HTML templates, cascading stylesheets, javascripts, and other files that web browsers understand in order to properly display your web site across browser and platform.

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